Wednesday, January 25, 2023

A Temperature Record in Yarn #WordlessWednesday

My year long project is underway!

I have been in a crocheting drought for months.  After 50 plus years of avid crocheting, things had slowed.  I needed something to restore my mojo.  Last year, I found a project.

This was my plan.

I researched, reading several blog posts on temperature afghans, which are afghans crocheted (or knitted) in stripes.  Every day represents the color of that day's high.  Many people start on January 1 and the blanket represents a year of weather (mine will work that way) but people will, for example, do this for a newborn child or grandchild, a gift for their first birthday.

Some people make other items - shawls, or (as one reader suggested to me) scarves. Many make quilts. A quilt I saw in October gave me the idea, originally.

I bought my initial skeins of yarn.  These are no dye lot yarns, so if I have to buy more, the color will be (more or less) the same.

From left to right: (temperatures in F).  I live in the Southern Tier of New York, where January is winter.  Winter, as in snow, and cold.  And ice.  Brrr.  So this is my working chart (when it gets above 88 F (31.11 C), I'll probably use red.  We rarely hit 100 F (38 C) here.

Dark orchid 1 to 21 F
Royal blue 21-32 F
Turquoise 33 to 43 F
Spring green 44 to 53 F
Paddy green 54 to 66 F
Bright yellow 67-77 F
Not pictured - Carrot 78 to 88 F.
(I based this on a color chart I found online for New York City, which is close enough for my purposes, although we run colder in the winter. The temperature ranges work.)

Turns out, I'm recording quite an unusual January.  For example, so far I've done the high temperature rows for January 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th  and 5th so far.   Look at the colors!
January 1  high 50 F or 10 C (spring green)
January 2  high 57 F or 13.8 C  (paddy green)
January 3  high  49 F or 9.4 C (spring green)
January 4  high 60 F or 15.6 C (paddy green)
January 5  high 57 F or 13.8 C (paddy green)

After January 5 the weather became more seasonable, but still above normal  I'll be using a lot of Turquoise and some spring green after January 5.

We'll see where this goes.  It will actually take more than a year, because I have a year of temperatures to record in the blanket and I don't work on the blanket each day.

Joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for her #WordlessWednesday.


  1. So nice project, related to temperature. It's funny. I know basic to work but I would like to make a sort of mascot. I need to decide what. Success with your lovely projects!
    Happy WW and a fine week!😘❤️

  2. It has been an unusual January, hasn’t it? I love the green.

  3. ...the temps sure have fluctuated this year.

  4. How fun. I want to see the end result.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  5. It looks like the project is well underway. Good luck with it. I hope you post updates every so often. (Once a month?) If you do need a second skein of anything, slight color differences probably won't matter as you can add in the new skein after a temperature change.

  6. What an interesting idea and a nice way to document the passage of time.

  7. What fun it's good you have this project to fill your drought I amsure you will enjoy it, the weather has been cold and awful in London grrr :-)
    Have a yarntastic week 👍

  8. Nothing for below zero! Good for you, I have thought of doing this project almost did it last year then I started mosaic crochet:)

  9. Looks like you have lots of work ahead of you!


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