Saturday, July 10, 2010

What we Did Not Do Today

Too many things and so little time.  The battle cry of the middle aged person.  Yup, that toilet roll keeps spinning.

We just can't be everwhere at once anymore.

It would have been nice to go to Ithaca today.  A couple of things would have been on our agenda:

1.  The Ithaca Dragon Boat festival.  I was in Philadelphia several years ago (gee, it has been almost 10 years!) and they were having practice rounds for a great Dragon Boat race.  I always wanted to see one.  I didn't know Ithaca had been having one.  Awesome!  I just couldn't be there. (If you don't know what dragon boats are - the name is somewhat descriptive.  But you have to see them to believe them.)

2.  The Ithaca Scottish Games. 
(memo to the web site designer, not trying to be critical here, but please reconsider your use of color on the website-much of it was difficult to read - please consider those who are middle aged or have visual impairments-Thank You!)

I haven't written about Ithaca in a while and it would have been nice to.

Oh yes, one other thing- the Finger Lakes cheese trail had an open house today.  We didn't go but we did the next best thing-went to our local farmers market.

More on that in my next post.  (I haven't been talking about some of my favorite topics lately, and I need to be getting back into that groove.)

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