Thursday, December 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - December 15 - Still Blooming!

Thank you, May Dream Gardens, for once again hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

In November, I thought my blooms were gone until spring.  But then came totally unseasonable weather here in upstate NY.  The day after I posted in November, I found alyssum and pansies still alive, and my hanging basket petunia (that basically drowned in torrential rains in September) was trying to come back!

Temperatures higher than normal....sunshine....and NO SNOW...until last Thursday.

We didn't get much snow, and it hung around a few days.  We had some cold nights too, into the teens.  But guess what?  The alyssum that was covered by snow is still alive, and so are those pansies.

As it is almost dark when I go to work and when I come back home, these are not the most recent photos but will give you the general idea of my pansies....

 My alyssum looked this good until a few days ago.
And it isn't an official flower, but my flowering cabbage is looking pretty good, too.

As I write this, the temperature is 50 degrees!

When I read today's May Dreams Gardens post I just had to need to post pictures of brown, dead plants this month.  Or houseplants. (I'll save the story of how I killed my Christmas cactus until next GBBD.)

And one more thing...reading about May Dream's flowering hellebore, I ran out into the night to check my plant out.  I had planted a hellebore, for the first time, this past spring.  Alas, no flowers or buds.

But the plant sure looks good.

Will I actually have an outdoor flower to post in January?

Happy GBBD.  Do you normally have snow and are snowless right now?  Is your late fall weather unusual?

I can't wait to virtually visit some of your gardens.


  1. Hi, my first time here. I wish you showed us a wide angle shot of the garden for a more informative condition of the garden. We don't have your 4 seasons, so i can't relate that much. However, i've seen springs in person, just not winter. But your ornamental cabbage is so beautiful, if only it will thrive here.

  2. I love ornamental cabbage, they look so beautiful. I really think I need to get some.
    Happy GBBD :)

  3. It is amazing how hardy some plants are!
    As to your question about the weather. It's 50 degrees and raining this morning, but forecast down to freezing tonight. Earlier in the month, the temperatures dropped down into the mid-twenties for several nights, with highs barely above freezing. Unusual for Mississippi in early December.

  4. Pretty post for December! I love ornamental cabbage too.

    I only have Hellebores orientalis, not H. niger so I will have to wait til spring for flowers... But they are going on the top of my list for plant acquisition next year. :)

    Thanks for stopping by WMG!

  5. I love the ornamental cabbage too! They just won't survive here, because our Santa Ana winds quickly shrivel them. Good luck with your hellebore, hopefully we'll be seeing their blooms in your garden. Happy GBBD!


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