Thursday, October 18, 2012

What You Should Do When Discouraged

There are some days when - things are so stressful that you wonder if you are truly just a voice in the wilderness or making a difference, somehow, somewhere.  And, if it all matters.

I'm not quite there yet, but this is shaping up to be one of those days.  So what is the cure?

Positive thinking?

Practicing gratefulness?

Reminding myself (as a friend with cancer says) "The best part of waking up is waking up?"

These are good.  I have one even better.

When you are having a day like this, my friend, if you have a blog, the cure is to visit.....

Your S*P*A*M Folder, assuming it isn't too big.  If it is (and a blogger I know had a MAJOR problem recently, right in the middle of what may have been one of the worst months in her life), it is no joke.  But for  small time bloggers like me, it can be quite entertaining.

Where else will you find comments declaring how great your writing is, how informative your blog is, and just how worthwhile its existence is, because someone is going to try to sneak a link to THEIR business or blog on there. Or a link to an "adult" site, or even worse.  In that folder, you will find some of the best examples of poor English.  Are these people from other countries?  Or the uneducated (shudder) of ours?  Both?

There is good social engineering out there.  I've never seen one in that folder.

I'm pretty lucky.  I don't get much S*P*A*M (It's the good, flip side, of not getting many comments, either).  But if you don't have enough such comments in your folder to cheer you up, the Internet will provide you with some.  One of our fellow bloggers, apparently, was left  the entire library of comments of an aspiring spamblogger. 

Recognize any of these gems?

Are there writing sweatshops somewhere where these are churned out?  Or is some 13 year old on the other side of the world, home from school and bored, producing these?

I'm at a disadvantage, too, because I use Blogger.  If I ever hit the big time, I am going to be in trouble.  Blogger so far is pretty good about blocking these, but for a while they weren't.  If they let their guard down for even a second...and services like Askimet don't work with Blogger, from what I understand.

I sure wonder what (free service) does.  I may have to look one day.

But until then...what was your favorite S*P*A*M comment?  We might as well laugh together.

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  1. LOL. Your post made me smile... so glad I popped over from Ultimate Blog Challenge. I get suspect comments every once in a while... usually in a flurry (maybe it is the sweat shot writing sp@mmy comments marathon or something!)


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