Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Art of Temperature Taking


What things happened yesterday on this special day?

I am amazed that I know someone that has seen two 12/12/12's.  This person is one of my spouse's aunts, who is an amazing 100 years old - mind as sharp as the day she was born. She will be turning 101 early next year.

There was another number for me yesterday - 99.5.  After two full days of continuous shivering and obvious coming-down-with-something, I broke down and took my temperature.

That went something like this:

Spouse, being helpful, digs a thermometer out of our medicine cabinet.  It is an old fashioned glass thermometer that is left over from my son's early childhood. I took my temperature - and then realized I couldn't read the tiny thread of mercury, or whatever it is.  Or, fo that matter the tiny numbers on the glass tube.

Spouse tried. He couldn't see it that well but thought it was registering 99.6.

So he then dug out our digital thermometer.  I popped it in, and soon it beeped - 99.5

Hurray for modern technology - the glass thermometer is something else I will never be nostalgic over.  It certainly isn't friendly to almost 60 year old eyes.

I am therefore going to take the day off from coherent blogging.  Hopefully, by tomorrow, I will feel better .


  1. Ah but the nostalgia of that glass tube with the shiny glob at the bottom. Come on - you can't beat that!

    Hope you're better by now.


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