Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring Things - It's....Dare I Say It? Hump Day!

It is - dare I say it - Community Gardens and Home Hump Day.
Time to get out there, and get the seeds and plants planted.  (Although, unlike traditional office workers getting the weekend off, we do some of our gardening work on weekends.)

At home, I've put my hanging baskets together - more on that another time.

My spouse has been busy at our community garden plot. Some of the above plants were started by us; others were purchased, and almost all of these (except for the big pink pot) transplants went out yesterday.  Spouse transplanted winter squash and red Chinese beans, and two lima bean plants.

We used to plant squash directly in the ground, and are experimenting with starting the seeds in peat pots this spring.  We decided to extend the experiment to one type of bean, as we've been having problems with predators eating bean plants.

Swiss chard and carrots are germinating, meantime. The opening of our community garden was delayed this year because of a water pipe problem, and we are trying to make up for lost time.
Meanwhile, our two Earth Boxes have micro greens growing, soon ready for the picking.

Our ginger is planted - yes, you can grow it in upstate New York.

Happy Wednesday, whether you garden or not.


  1. OH how I love spring gardening! My daughter and I have been putting in as much time as is decent in our garden, trying to get it all planted. We aren't even CLOSE but I don't mind. It's just what I want to spend my time doing, anyway, this time of year. Those microgreens are gorgeous!!

  2. Love your pictures. So glad it is finally getting warm enough to plant. Good luck with the gardening.

  3. Ha! Oh yes, I had forgotten!
    I'm loving your Spring images Alana- how lovely! It's been pretty cold again in the UK today!


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