Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Peak Lilies

It is still lily season in upstate New York.

These pictures were taken in the past week at Cutler Botanic Gardens in Binghamton, New York, where the day lilies are at peak.

Once again, I can not give you variety names.  I had contacted Cutler on Facebook earlier in the month and a list was promised, but....alas, no list yet.  The plants only have tags with numbers on them.

So these are identified only by the tags next to the plants.

Maybe tomorrow I will feature some of the lilies blooming in my home garden.
F43, which I call the Creamsicle Lily.
F26.  I love this color, almost like a lavender..
F28, with ruffles.  And flourishes..

Speaking of ruffles:  F104 is about the most ruffly (is that a word) of the lily garden.

There is such beauty in this world.  I can not imagine a world without flowers.

Can you?


  1. Flowers keep me sane. Especially daylilies. Unless I am trying to figure out the name of one.

  2. Hi Alana,
    I love lilies! Beautiful pics :) I used to have oriental lilies in my yard......I will again someday.......thanks for sharing!

  3. Such beautiful photos of lovely flowers. I've always loved lillies of any kind. I haven't seen any around where I live in Michigan lately. Perhaps they're done for the summer? Thanks for sharing. Peace

  4. I love lilies!! Beautiful. Lovely colours.:)

  5. Creamsicle lily is a heavenly shade of summer. Nature constantly amazes me with its rich variety of colors.


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