Monday, October 12, 2015

Music Monday - Sailing

Today, in the United States, it is Columbus Day.  It isn't a day of celebration for everyone - especially anyone of Native American descent.  Still, it is a national and state holiday for us living in New York State.

In Binghamton, there will be a parade in the morning - a battle of the high school bands, playing as they march.  Then, after the parade, the band members gather for a large street celebration.

In school, back in the late 1950's and early 1960's, we had to memorize a poem called 1492 -  it could be sung, too.  (Reading it today makes me wince.) No, that song will not be part of today's Music Monday.

Instead, I wanted to choose some songs about water travel and sailing.  There are so many, and I am not including some well loved ones.

How about the song Sailing, sung by an artist by the name of Christopher Cross?  This song relaxes me so much.

Ride, Captain, Ride, was a 1970 hit by The Blues Image - a Tampa, Florida based group. (four years later, I would move to Tampa and live there for a couple of years.)  This was their only hit.

Jimmy Buffet's Changes In Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.  I'm ready for an attitude change.  Are you?

One more sailing song - The Beach Boys' Sloop John B.

Do you have any favorites to add?


  1. Love "Sailing" by Christopher Cross. It so mellows me out.

  2. All on my iPod. Downloaded when I was planning a cruise 5 years ago.


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