Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Duper Tuesday

In the United States, it is Super Tuesday.    The process by which we determine who will be the Presidential candidate for each of our two major parties hits a peak today.  Today, residents of 12 states get to vote for someone who may eventually be elected as our President in November. 

That's about as political as I am going to get today.  Because I am not blogging about Super Tuesday.

I am blogging about Super Duper Tuesday.

Super Duper Tuesday, the first day of March, is the first day of meteorological spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Usually, that means nothing to us in the north.  It is still cold, and usually we have several feet of snow on the ground.

Not this year.

For once, it is almost beginning to look like Spring here in upstate New York.
Courtesy of my "guest photographer" this past weekend

Chickens cross the road to get to the other side on rural roads that are almost free of snow.  Almost free of snow.

Spring bulbs are coming up.  In yards.  Along the sides of houses.

Birds are singing.

Blackbirds are gathering in yards (but no robins - yet).

Yesterday, my spouse saw seven different flocks of geese, in their famed V formations, heading north high in the sky. (Perhaps they weren't coming from the South, given recent habits of Canada geese, but they were heading north.) 

 Sunday, it reached 61 degrees F. (16C).  In February!  Next week it will be even warmer, they say!

It seems too good to be true.  In fact, we in Binghamton, New York are on track for the least snowy winter since records started to be kept. The Golden Snowball (an award given to one of five upstate cities with the most snow in any given winter) is quickly turning into a golden slushball.

In the coming days, we'll find out if it is too good to be true.

Does the strange weather continue to affect you, too?


  1. Such excitement over a temporary condition.
    Snow is coming later this week- and is hitting New Englasn as I write.
    Which I must stop, so I CAN vote today :-)

  2. I love those warm days. I venture out onto the deck and dare to think Spring is on the way. Then the next day it's freezing again. I think Mother Nature is very much enjoying jerking me around this time of year.

  3. I'm in southern California, so our "strange" weather has just meant 80 degree temps in February. It was cooler today.

  4. Yes, here in Maine we have had a very mild winter with very little snow. However, we have also had extremes of temps, from -35 (wind chill) to 50+ degrees. We had a couple inches of wet, heavy snow last night - changed to rain earlier today - back to snow flurries. So yeah, bizarre weather for sure!


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