Friday, April 28, 2017

XO #AtoZChallenge #SkywatchFriday

X is usually the hardest letter for Blogging from A to Z'ers. But this year, I was thinking more about the Friday meme I normally participate in - Skywatch Friday.
I decided on this photo, taken Sunday from Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia, where I was visiting.

And now for the letter X.  While researching this post, I found, to my delight, that there is a song called XO, performed by Beyonce.

I dedicate this song to my readers, as I send them XO - kisses and hugs (or maybe it's the other way around.)

So,  here it is.

But I'm not done with the virtual hugs (no more kisses, though.)

The A to Z finish line is in sight, but first, I'd like to treat you to some Binghamton, New York flowers from yesterday.  These were all taken downtown by my "guest photographer".  I use an iPhone SE in my photography but my friend uses a camera.

And unlike me, she gets some great closeups, like this one of cherry blossoms.

This tree blooms near Phelps Mansion, a historic mansion well worth the visit if you are visiting the Binghamton area to see April the Giraffe.  (Hint, hint).

A magnolia in full bloom at the Broome County Courthouse.  The building you can barely see to the left, "behind" the magnolia, is the Security Mutual building.

And one more, tulips at our local Broome County library, which has its own flower garden.
Visit Skywatch Friday, where bloggers from all over the world post pictures of the sky.  And then, visit some more bloggers participating in Blogging from A to Z.

See you again tomorrow for another visual treat.


  1. I've been taking photos each day as one of my crabapples opens. Today should be really nice, but kinda cold. It seems strange that I have so much done in the yard already and it is still April.

  2. And, today, the magnolias and forsynthias in my front yard are in full bloom. Hopefully, no more 30 degree weather to hinder their existence.

  3. Pretty flowers. X day is always a treat during A to Z. What will people come up with?

  4. Hee hee. The infamous X. I'm behind again but will catch up this evening. I enjoyed the pictures and the music!

  5. Oh glorious. And reminds me I haven't put up the pix of the daffodils in my garden that I took last weekend yet. :)

    Congratulations on being almost to Z, that's impressive!

  6. These pictures are quintessential spring. It's cold and rainy here today so those flowers were just the reminder I needed that April showers bring May flowers.

  7. What a great, wide far ranging post, Beyonce to the Sky!!

  8. I love cherry blossoms - such a pretty bloom.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere


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