Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Spring Things - Flag Day

Today is Flag Day in the United States.

There is a “Flags on the Village Green” event in Windsor, New York (a rural area near Binghamton) every Memorial Day.

This picture was taken this past Memorial Day (late May) by my "guest photographer".

Flag Day commemorates the day, June 14, 1777, when the Second Continental Congress approved the original design of what became the national flag of the United States.

If you are interested, take this quiz and see how well you do.

Flag Day etiquette.  Do you know how to display the American flag?

Finally, this will explain more about our annual celebration of our flag.

Our flag - long may it wave over a land of freedom.


  1. I just now hung ours by the front door!

  2. I love the angle of this picture of all the flags, it gives it so much depth. Happy Flag Day.

    1. Thank you. My guest photographer takes some very nice shots.

  3. Yes I do know how to display the American flag. (I was in Girl Scouts. One of the few things that stuck.) I got 9/10 on the quiz--didn't know when the Pledge of Allegiance was written.

    1. A late friend, who was a Girl Scout leader when her two daughters were growing up, would have bad reactions seeing lapses in flag etiquette. Every Flag Day, I think fondly of her. Her name was Pat, and I've blogged a couple of times about her.


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