Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Brave New Shopping World

We did it to ourselves.
Macy's welcome sign - now it's gone
Yesterday, after work, my spouse and I went exercise walking in our local mall where I live in upstate New York.  Three of the four anchor stores have gone out of business, along with other stores.

The third anchor store, Bon-Ton (a department store) has been having its going out of business sale the last few (or so it seems) months. I understand it will close for good on August 31.  Macy's and Sears closed last year.  Nearby, Toys R Us closed its doors recently.  Across town, K-Mart had already closed.

While walking, I passed two other going out of business sales.

If the last anchor store, J.C. Penney, closes, we don't know if the mall will follow it soon after.

So what did I do after walking?  I went home ,watered my hanging baskets, and turned on my computer.  I wanted to head towards Amazon Prime's July Prime Day sale.  I've gotten some great buys in previous years.

Except a funny thing happened to me.  The home page loaded fine, but nothing after that.  "Sorry..." "sorry...." said page after page, each showing me one of the dogs of Amazon.

Barney, Rufus, Frank, Shadow, and more, were their names.
When you left Macy's they said this - but Macy's left us in 2017
Finally, I got on.  Around me, politics swirled, and uncertainty, and apparently, I wasn't the only one seeking escape.

After several tries, I got to the shoes I wanted.  They cost $13 more than they did on Prime Day in 2016.  I didn't buy them.

I looked at several other pages, once they loaded. Another pair of shoes looked promising, but, gee, I couldn't try them on.  It was a brand I wasn't familiar with.  I wish I could have reached through the computer screen to touch them.

Yes, I will continue to shop at Amazon.  I suspect many of you will, too.  We don't have that much choice, do we?  But then again, I started shopping with them so many years ago I can't remember when I started.  Not often, but out of convenience.   I know people who won't shop with them, out of principle.  But I'm not that strong.
I helped destroy retail commerce.

What a day yesterday was, for Amazon's fail and for other reasons. It's the world we have created for ourselves.  Like it or not.


  1. I'm wondering where I am going to buy my appliance replacements once Sears is gone. I too had trouble getting on Amazon's site yesterday. When all was said and done I only signed up for Kindle Unlimited for three months for $.99.

  2. Interesting perspective. I enjoy shopping with Amazon, but I can see your points.

  3. I had friends who got an entire day of Facebook meat out of trying to get onto Amazon. I wonder what happened?

    Did the cute dogs make you less annoyed? That was my theory - they want the client to go "What do you mean I can't get...wait....AWWWWWWWW so cute!"

  4. Amazon certainly has changed the business model of how we shop. Amazon is the big bully in retail sales. Not only have they undercut brick and mortar stores but also on line stores like my company.To sell on amazon is not for the weak either. And we all thought Walmart was bad! Thanks for letting me vent a bit on my Amazon dislike.

  5. Interesting read Alana. My family shops Amazon for its convenience and you can find just about anything you are looking for. You do have to know your prices though. I went onto the site yesterday and did have some trouble, but them got on. On another note, thank you for visiting my blog. It's always good to see you!

  6. Ah yes, the retail apocalypse. Bad for jobs for people who need retail work. Probably better for us all in the long run. Although, there is the trying on of things...

  7. I think a lot has to be said for being able to shop online and have the products delivered to your door for people who work and for those with little kids. I would have used Amazon a lot during those times if it had been an option.

  8. Yes, we all contributed to where we are today. But I'm not sure where that is. At least I'm thinking. What stores there are, service seemed very poor. No one looks happy to be employed there. What a dilemma we're in!

  9. I have never been fond of shopping in stores, and amazon has made my life so much easier. It was frustrating when the system crashed yesterday, but I did eventually get my bargain. You know what stores I really miss though? Borders and Barnes & Noble. Yes, there are a still a few B & N stores around here, but it's not really the same...I download most of my books to Kindle and nook these days.

  10. I had trouble accessing the Prime Day sales myself - kept getting the image of the doggy apologizing. I wonder if they weren't prepared server-wise for the obvious influx of people attempting to access when it officially went 'live'? Hopefully they'll have it figured out for next year.

    Meanwhile, I was actually disappointed in the offerings on Prime Day this year - there wasn't a lot of stuff I wanted or needed or had been jonesin' to buy. Of course I might have found *something* had their site not been crashing during the time I actually had *time* to shop. ;)

    It is true our retail world seems to be disappearing - kind of bittersweet. I love the convenience of shopping online and having stuff delivered straight to my door, but there is something to be said about seeing things in person to help make a decision on to buy or not to buy. ;)

  11. Bon Ton owns Carson's in Chicago and they're going out of Business, too. I think the whole corporation is folding. I know that Carson's main store on State Street, Louis B. Sullivan entrance and all, is now a Target, at least part of it is.


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