Sunday, July 8, 2018

Pink Mushrooms and Ringed Beets

Today, I take you to our local regional farmers market, in Binghamton, New York.

It's the heart of summer.  What's growing is an abundance of veggies, including some unusual ones.

A vendor had button mushrooms. I'm not sure why, but they came out pink in my picture.  These were actually brown/white.

These are beets - the red ones with the white rings are chioggia beets. Sadly, they don't keep those colors when they are cooked.  Here, we have red and orange beets, and white turnips.  The beets had the greens still on - they are also edible.

I had never seen red Chinese cabbage, either.  But here it was.  We had greens in our refrigerator already, so passed these up, but I do intend to try them if they have them next time.

On You Tube, I even found a musical video about Chinese cabbage.  Do give a listen - it's a little bit more than a minute.
Freshly harvested onions, with the greens still on.

And what summer market would be complete without garlic?

Do you have a farmers market near you? Do you try veggies that are new to you?

Day 8 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #BlogBoost


  1. Love, love, love Farmer's markets! They are, to me, the highlight of summer!

  2. We do have a very small farmers market every month, but we are very lucky to have small independent food retailers which sell a certain amount of local produce. We have a butcher who sources a lot of his meat from local farms as well as making lovely pies, pasties and scones. We also have a greengrocer which sells local seasonal produce including asparagus, strawberries and potatoes. I'm more interested in buying locally grown food than in new foods to reduce food miles. Crazily, our local asparagus has started being sold at a regional market 80 or so miles away and has to travel there and be brought back.

  3. Pink mushrooms? Looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland

  4. Love visiting farmers market.They do have the best produce.

  5. Nothing better than a farmers market! I love all your photos!!

  6. How did I not realize you were n Binghamton, NY? I used to pass through that way for years!

    I love farmers markets! The freshness of the produce, being local, and the friendliness is amazing!

  7. We are blessed with a wonderful farmer's market. We grow most of our own foods; however, there are a few items we don't so I like to go pick them up. The unique items are always the most fun! I am going to try growing garlic next year.

  8. I was at ours yesterday too! I lucked out and got cucumbers, peas, green onions, radishes, lettuce, homemade cinnamon buns and fresh cut flowers. It was a win!

  9. Was the canopy red? I have a red canopy, and that gives much of the stuff underneath a red cast.

  10. We have a wonderful farmers market that is open once a week, along with a pop-up market at a local farm, also open once a week. The farmers markets are great fun and offer a great variety of unusual foods. I get even more unique and unusual foods in my CSA share. It gives me a whole different concept of a culinary adventure.

  11. Yes to both questions and Chinese Cabbage is very beautiful.


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