Friday, January 11, 2019

January Fire #SkywatchFriday #blogboost

From January 4, a beautiful sunset outside of Binghamton, New York.

There is just something so magical about some January sunrises and sunsets - see the sunset reflected in the house windows on the lower middle?

But the best is yet to come.

Oh yes.  I could get lost in this.

Join Yogi and other bloggers who watch the sky on #SkywatchFriday. 

The Brooklyn photos I promised last week?  I am delaying them another week.  I couldn't resist sharing this sunset with you!

Day 11 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost


  1. Alana,

    The painted morning sky is breath-taking beautiful in the winter. It's thrilling to step out into the cold to snap a few quick pictures of the sunrise, isn't it? I've done that a number of time. Nice share!

  2. Beautiful!
    I like living out in the country, but one drawback is that I cannot get good views of sunrises and sunsets because we are surrounded by tall trees. I am going to have to make an effort to get up early enough to drive to the park to see the sun rise.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I expected to see flames- not the metaphoric fire.

  4. So pink and purple. Very nice.

  5. These are beautiful! I do like the sunset colors reflected in the windows. Have a great weekend!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous and you captured it perfectly.

  7. Beautiful sunsets, I love purpley skies (that is a word in Oklahoma, just so you know)

  8. Such pretty colours in your sky!

  9. Really beautiful pics...horizon always makes us feel nostalgic


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