Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Colorful November Food #WordlessWednesday

Tomorrow, in the United States, it is our Thanksgiving.  

Today, I want to share with you some of the last color of the season.

Our last major area farmstand closes and these sights will be just a memory.

Brassicas -  at the top, Brussel Sprouts.  The rest of the photo, left to right - purple cauliflower, Romanesco broccoli (a heirloom) green cauliflower, and a little peek of white cauliflower.

Squashes - left to right, honeynut (a type of butternut that is oh, so sweet) and delicata.

We are so blessed to have local food in our markets.

For my readers in the United States:  happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  May there be a bounty of food on your table, and a bounty of love surrounding you this season.

And thank YOU for visiting my blog.

Joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for her Wordless Wednesday.


  1. Those vegetables look delicious! We don't get a good selection of Squashes here, usually just butternut.

  2. Love the bright colors in the first photo and the fall colors in the second.

  3. I love these kind of markets! And I hate the idea of closing them, remaining only the supermarkets.
    Thank you for sharing them!
    Happy WW!

  4. I love all the colors of autumn and I so love fresh veggies. Delicious.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  5. I love the colorful displays at farmers' markets. And so many kinds of squash "now." Now, because growing up there were so few in the stores. That's probably why I don't like them served as savories. I don't even remember my mother cooking squash.

  6. I love all vegetables and fall vegetables are my favorite. My wife knows how to cook them to bring out the flavor.

  7. Fall is truly filled with wonderful earthy. Great pictures of your local market foods. You are lucky indeed. I make a squash dressing casserole for Thanksgiving with yellow crookneck squash. It's a favorite of my Family. You and yours have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  8. Delicious colors and very delicious and full of vitamins too!


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