Saturday, October 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - Oct 15 - Fall Color

This will be the last post of the year for me showing live outdoor flowers at my zone 5 home.  The flowering season is winding down here in upstate New York.  We haven't had a frost yet at our house here in the Susquehanna River valley but people up in the hills have had their first frost. 

So, one last outdoor Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and please be sure to visit May Dreams Gardens for other lovely posts. 

UPDATE:  I just found out about a blog called Tootsie Time and their Fertilizer Friday - I'm excited about viewing a blog in Alberta.  I hope I'll be permitted to link there, too although I'm a day late.  Anyway....

Fall flowers in my garden include this pot of mums....


Cardinal basil.  This is my favorite ornamental basil - slow to bolt and when it does, the flowers are so decorative.

This a rosemary in bloom.  Rosemaries are not hardy here - we will be digging this up in the next couple of weeks and bringing it in for the winter.


And, last but not least, our last glad.  This glad was planted last year, never bloomed, was forgotten about, came back (not hardy in our area but nature can surprise you!), and is now blooming.

Starting with next Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I'll have to content myself with pictures of African Violets (my Christmas cactus is also blooming - hope it hangs on a month!) and enjoying my fellow garden bloggers on the southern side of the world.


  1. I'm surprised you still have your impatiens. How cool is it getting at night. Mine usually last through Thanksgiving. I have hanging baskets in red. That way if they're still around when I Christmas decorate they still work in the color scheme... seriously.

  2. Great to meet another NY garden blogger. I'm down in Nyack, NY. Hey do you have any tips for overwintering Rosemary? I bring it in, but it rarely survives past Christmas.

  3. I love when rosemary blooms! And how fun to have a glad show up! I hope the frosts stay away for you for a while. Happy GBBD!

  4. You might take some cuttings of those pretty impatiens to put near a bright window. They may get leggy but they'll be bright for a long time.

  5. Thank you, Carolina HeartStrings and Nell Jean. We covered our impatiens, which is one plant that does very well for us. Nell Jean, I do take cuttings and grow impatiens on my windowsill in the winter - and yes, they bloom for me, too. They root very easily in water. I have three cuttings right now in a little vase and I'll take more soon.

  6. HolleyGarden, I hope the frost stays away for at least another couple of weeks. JGH, my husband has overwintered our rosemary for years. The secret is to mist the plants. Don't keep the soil wet, though. Plenty of light (we use grow lights) but in a cool place. We've also been successful in taking cuttings, root in water - just in case you lose the mother plant.

  7. We really are opposite to you here. My rosemary suffers during our hot Summer. It need watering every day whereas in Winter it's most happy.

  8. Hi, even if we have a very wide range of temperature differences, we also have those impatiens and gladiolus. However, our rosemary here doesn't flower, but it is a perennial.

  9. No frost here yet, either, though I've seen signs of it on cars coming into town from outlying areas. I really need to get my houseplants brought in soon, though--pushing my luck, as usual!

    Like another commenter, I've never had any luck bringing garden rosemary into the house for the winter. (Oh, I see you recommend misting it.) I've also never seen it bloom. The cardinal basil is lovely as well.

    I've also already been thinking about what I'll be able to post on the next bloom day! My Christmas cactus has lots of fat buds, so maybe it will still be nice in a month! (Though it's still outside too, and now I'm worried it will drop all those buds when I bring it in :( Maybe next year, I should just leave it in the house!)

  10. Lovely post...that Basil is super-cool...I have to look for that one next year :-)


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