Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A to Z in 2018?

Every April, the blogging world braces for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  This year the signup is March 5.

The premise is simple.  On April 1 your blog title and subject begins with "A". On April 2 "B". On April 3, "C".  And so forth, with (almost) every Sunday off.

It sounds easy.  It isn't, especially when you have to come up with topics for several letters (X, I'm talking to you).

I have five days to decide if I want to join this year.  I've participated the last three years (and survived), and it's been enjoyable for me.  There are a number of bloggers I read regularly who are also survivors.

I even had a topic planned for this year (I'm not telling what, in case I do sign up.)

But life is intervening, and I am not sure I can make it through.  In fact, it will probably take me a week to visit the blogs of all the wonderful people who visited me yesterday.  I've just about stopped commenting on comments to my blog, which, in the blogging world, is not "cool".  I'm not going to have the time to prewrite many of my posts, which is the key to success.

A to Z requires a LOT of participation.  You visit many blogs.  You hope many blogs visit you.

It's all about community.

So, do I want to do it anyway? Or try and have to quit?

Today, I am going to take an informal poll:  are you planning to participate in A to Z this year?

It won't influence my decision - but I am just curious.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. I had a travel theme all picked out - Canadian cities - and then never got around to really writing the posts. So, I decided I would skip this year. I have recently been toying with doing a non-travel short post about language, but I do not see where I would fit in time to visit new blogs. Maybe I am just blogged-out. I completed it for the five years I participated, but not sure I am up to it again.

  2. I've done it for the last two years - both times I said "Never Again" because it is so all-consuming. The funny thing is that as the time draws closer I start remembering the fun bits and I throw my hat back in the ring. I'm doing it again for 2018 - I've already picked my theme and started some of my posts - it's too big to leave until April - especially with all the commenting. Good luck with deciding whether to leap in again Alana - I guess you could keep your posts really short if time is the issue?

  3. I only post once per week on my blog so I think this challenge would be too difficult for me right now. I wish everyone good luck with it!

  4. Since I only blog five days a week, this has never appealed to me. (There would be too many letters missing from my alphabet.) Good luck if you accept the challenge.

  5. No. Too hard for me. I have a hard time coming up with ideas for just a weekly post! I do admire those of you who participate and will cheer you on with comments and encouragement.

  6. I couldn't do it. Hell it takes everything I have to get two out a week and it doesn't always happen then! I'm also at answering comments.

  7. I've never done it! It always sounds so fun. And stretching!

  8. You know I'll be participating.

    Registration opens on March 5 and continues for most of March, so you have more than 5 days to think about it. We'd love for you to join us, but understand if you don't. Like you said, it's a big commitment.

  9. If things are too hectic, I understand why you might not want to do it. I'm ambivalent. I write pretty much every day, so I might post. But the visiting... I don't know if I have the time or energy for that this year.

  10. I will be forever thankful for the 5 years I did AtoZ. With last years change in format, I opted out...it was too much with starting a new business and it seemed the posting and commenting was more complicated...that's just me, though. Long story short to answer your question, I'm not going to participate in 2018. If you do, I will certainly be reading your posts. I will be reading if you don't...as always!

  11. I just answered this question on another blog. I did the A-Z in '14, '15 and '16 and I thoroughly enjoyed each one. Last year I didn't participate because I didn't have time. And I was kinda irritated because I had a great theme that I've been sitting on since then. And back then I thought, well, i'll just save my theme until next year and next year has arrived and right around the corner. I know, like you said, posts have to be pre-written in order to survive this challenge. I had all but a few of my posts written for the 2016 challenge by the end of December 2015! And still the challenge was overwhelmingly time consuming.

    This year I'm having two sets of company coming in April: my brother and sister-in-law will be here for at least 2 weeks, and my Aunt and 2 cousins are also coming for a week.
    I'm facing shoulder surgery in April and will be laid up for 6 weeks and I'm freaking out about how to do my dogsitting job with my arm in a sling. I mean, how does one carry a bucket and a pooper scooper AND drag a hose around at the same time with one arm in a sling?
    And then yesterday I had a moment of panic because I haven't even started getting receipts and reports together to begin working on my taxes.
    At this point I just can't see myself participating in the A-Z. It's fun, it's definitely a CHALLENGE of epic proportions, in my opinion, because it's so incredibly time-consuming. Maybe not for some but I don't do things half-way. I go all in. And that means visiting all the blogs of folks who comment on my posts, plus all my visits to my regular blog friends and then the searching out new blogs...it's just too much for me right now. I wish I could say different because the three times I did participate were all very fulfilling. But they left me drained and exhausted and I had to take a big ol' break from blogging.
    Bottom line: I'm just not excited about the prospect of the Challenge as I have been in years past. That right there kinda gives me my answer.

    So that's my two cents on the topic. :) There seems to be quite a few people who are burned out on the whole thing. That's what I'm gathering from what I'm reading anyway.

    Heading to your Monday's Music post now. GREAT theme you picked Alana! I had fun with it. Can't wait to read yours...

    Michele at Angels Bark


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