Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Winter Wednesday -February Ups and Downs

In this strange up and down winter, we reached (unofficially) 73 degrees F (22.7 C) last week.

The next day, this is what happened (taken by my "guest photographer".

That's what February 2018 has been all about.

Snow.  Melt.  Snow.  Melt. We got up to 51 degrees F (10.5 C) Monday.  It was in the 50's yesterday.  Today? More 50's. Tomorrow? Who knows.

By the weekend we may have another snowstorm.  Sure enough this morning, I woke up to a winter weather watch.

Hard to believe because our forecasted high for today is 57 F (13.8C).

Tomorrow, March begins, and maybe after March we will be done with winter for this season.



  1. Yes this is quite the February. We also had 3 snowfall warnings last week alone. This is very unusual. But it was quite warm today and most of the snow was gone. Tomorrow? Who knows? Just like you say. Here's hoping March will be sunny and warm for us both.

  2. It's starting to feel like spring here, I'm hoping we don't get any more snow.

  3. Yard cleanup in February? Don't think I have ever done that before. But more rains and snow are on the way if the weather forecast is to be believed.

  4. I think you are about to experience a Nor'Easter replete with rain- not snow.

  5. Oh, I can only dream of waking up to snow like that! I miss back home so much. It's funny how I read my blog friends' posts from up north and hear from my family and friends and they all have similar comments about the desire for the end of Winter to come already.
    And I'm down here in Austin despairing that there isn't going to be any cool weather until next year! With weather forecasts calling for muggy days and temps nearing 80 already --- and realizing that I only actually got to experience very few COLD days this past winter, it has me literally depressed. Because it gets too hot all too fast and I'll be flat-out miserable until football season starts again because then I know that cooler temps will be just around the corner! It's going to be a long summer...I say summer because it's almost like there's no Spring. It goes from temperate to Hot with a capital H, with no gradual warm-up.

    I'm grateful for all my northern blog friends who share their snowy winter photos! Thank you!!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  6. It looks beautiful, but I'm so ready for some sunshine and daffodils. We had a perfect day on day last week and then rain and cold ever since. Yuck!

  7. Every warm day we get in winter shortens it by one day, right? Okay, that's what I tell myself.
    It's warmer here right now. Blissfully so. Even started to melt a bit.
    It gives us hope!

  8. Wishing you warmth! :) It looks cooold there. I live in FL, so it's perpetually warm here. Even when it cools off, it doesn't really get too cold. I did grow up in New England, though, so I can sympathize with your weather woes!

  9. Our temps were comparable today. I think our high was 61.

  10. I enjoy the warm days but I don't expect a second warm day to follow at this point. It's just a treat. I believe that we will be hit by a winter storm soon.


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