Saturday, June 9, 2018

Just Thinking

I wish the world was not as complicated as it is now.

You can't take bees for granted.

The word "Columbine" has a hole other meaning for many people.  At one time, it was just a flower.

And I had what seemed like boundless energy.  Time stretched indefinitely into the future.

Now, things seem so speeded up. Weren't the crocuses blooming yesterday?  Now the mock oranges rush by.

I've been thinking a lot lately of things I used to do years ago.  Like make potpourri.  Starting flowers and herbs from seed.  Now everything is rushed, and I spend hundreds of dollarsat local nurseries.

I want to get back to my roots.

I'm fortunate.  I have a small backyard.  As I blog this, I am listening to birdsong, and hoping that the hummingbird I blogged about on Thursday returns.

 I see the setting sun glinting on nearby bushes, and it seems so peaceful.

But it's deceptive.

For now, I take a deep breath, and concentrate on the sunshine and the birdsong.

I hope I am granted tomorrow, and many years to come.


  1. Yes the world has changed and everything has speeded up. There have always been wars and rumours of wars and bad natural disasters but now we hear about it all and I think they happen more frequently.

    I'm glad you have a garden. It's nice to have a peaceful space to relax and be at peace.

  2. Beautiful photos Alana - and yes time seems to be flying by these days. I can't believe we're halfway through the year and people will be talking about Christmas before long! Still, recognizing the shortness of life makes us more appreciative of it - and stopping to take "moments" and enjoy beauty helps too.

  3. I do not even remember where my first columbine plant came from. It has self-seeded all over the yard. The pretty yellow hybrid I bought at the nursery did not even last one season. The bees have been busy and as I am highly allergic, I need to be careful out there.

  4. Great pics. Thanks for sharing them

  5. Ah yes, the faster world. So we must make an effort to slow ourselves down...


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