Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring has come!

Toured my front yard tonight. The daffodils are almost ready to start blooming. Two hyacinth plants we had gotten from a friend (potted) and planted outside look like they have made it; one has a flowerbud. Most of our herbs made it. A succulent plant I never expected to survive the winter did. A golden sage has one tiny branch hanging on. Our small back yard is part shade to shade, so our more sunny front yard is where the action is.

Yesterday I received a fall bulbs catalog. They come earlier every year. But since this came before my daffodils bloomed maybe I can remember what I planted. Those catalogs might as well start selling chocolate too. They lure me with their siren song "So what that your yard is small. Buy more! See this unique color?" I saw some orange crocuses that called out to me but I will have to resist.

Since Saturday's forecast is for the 60's, time for a Road Trip! We enjoy going to a couple of nurseries in Ithaca. If not this weekend, maybe this weekend. One of the nurseries specializes in native and heirloom plants. The other just has a lot of unusual plants. Spring comes to Ithaca before it comes to us. So, it is so tempting to see the selection of plants that we can't plant just yet. But our time will come. Not soon enough. Hurry, spring!

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