Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Arctic Eternal Day-Continued

Fairbanks gets closer to its 24 hours of sunlight. Today: sunrise 4:21, sunset 11:19. 18hrs and 58 minutes of "day". When I sign on right before 6am (we are 4 hours ahead) NY time, it isn't completely dark any more.

Soon the trees in the little webcam will be leafing out for the short subarctic summer. I wish they had a flower garden in the picture. Hey, folks, could you consider planting one?

I decided go to another Alaskan webcam, in Anchorage. This one shows Mt. McKinley on a clear day, which is pretty amazing, given the 120 air mile distance between the mountain and the city. And guess what? I can see it today!

Meanwhile, in Longyearbyen, Norway, above the arctic circle, it is beautiful, sunny and 27 degrees.

The sunsets may fascinate me, but the little windows on a world I will never know are just as interesting.

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