Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ithaca, NY Stuff Part 1

Here are some of my favorite things to do in Ithaca, NY:

First, eating

1. The Cornell Dairy Bar on the Cornell University campus. Wonderful local ice cream. Parking is a bit "iffy" on weekdays.

2. Greenstar Coop. Clean, high quality food, lots of bulk items, local food, and more.

3. The Saturday and Sunday Farmers Market at Steamboat Landing. Lots of local produce (much of it organic) and craftspeople. Artisan cheese. Locally grown meet: pork, beef, bison. Finger Lakes wines for the sampling and purchase. Live plants - flowers, herbs, veggie starts. Cut flowers. And many prepared food stands, everything from macrobiotic to Laotian.

4. Gimme Coffee!

Second, Gardening:

1. The Plantsmen Nursery -I've mentioned this wonderful nursery before. They are far from your average nursery. Where do I start? OK...#1, it is kids friendly. #2 is the free Gimme Coffee, and biscotti, if you get there early enough. #3, the native landscaping plants...remember think globally, act locally? #4 the unusual annuals, many grown from Seeds of Change seeds. #5 the very knowledgeable, friendly staff. For example, we admired the Marsh Marigolds and they didn't hesitate to ask about our growing conditions and explaining that no, they probably wouldn't work for us.

2. The Farmers Market (see above)

3. Cornell Plantations. If you want to see trees in bloom (150 acres worth), 12-odd demonstration gardens, one of the most beautiful collections of plants in containers and so much more - this is your place - and the best part of it is: it is free. One caution - as is the case with so much of Cornell, parking is a bit dicey during the week.

I'll post some more "great things to do" later.

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