Wednesday, May 27, 2009

People Search Engines - Who Knew?

Until I read this article in PC World magazine I had no idea that these "people search engines" even existed. These search the "deep web" for traces of your online activity-yours, or anyone you care to spy on, that is. And just think, anyone can use these. To spy on you.

I used several of these to "spy" on myself. I don't do social networking, I don't post videos on You Tube and I certainly don't have anything out there I would be ashamed of, and yet one of these engines dug up an wish list I had posted (for my own use!) several months ago. Granted, I don't care if people know I was shopping for noise cancelling headphones but in my middle aged opinion, it is....creepy.

If you agree, there are ways you can protect your privacy. Read this article and take action! (and see if you can resist the urge to spy on your ex, on your high school classmates, and even (horrors) your children.....)

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