Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vintage TV-Goodbye Analog Forever

Now we are finally on the eve of the digital TV switchover. This time it is for real. Your old TV, as of tomorrow night, will not be able to receive the new digital signals unless you have a converter box. Get ready for Channel 12.1!

So now is a good time to reminisce one last time about the analog TVs of yore.

This is a website with lots of old vintage consumer electronics, including TV's.

And, if you need to fix that set, here is the site for you.

There is a site I found this morning that had old experimental sets - I can't seem to find it again-it had pictures of a projector TV from the late 1940's and a TV you could use to watch two TV shows at once. I didn't have time to read it this morning and I forgot to bookmark it. Sigh.

And last, but not least, while searching for the website from this morning I found this....not exactly vintage TV but it is connected with the area where I live.

Goodbye, TV of our youth. Goodbye, VHF! Goodbye, UHF!

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