Sunday, July 19, 2009

The 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

40 years ago tomorrow. Where were you?

Where was I? I was in midtown Manhattan, with my Dad, at a space exhibit. I had followed the space program from as soon as I was old enough to. I don't think I truly remember Sputnik, but I do remember our country shooting dogs and monkeys into space. I remember Telstar, I remember being amazed at a trans oceanic broadcast of - The Today Show? Then came the manned flights. In that day of non CNN, no 24 hour news channels, the early flights, only several hours long, were covered in their entirety by the networks. It was a very big news item. I took lots of pictures at the exhibit. I stayed up to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, along with millions of other Americans.

I remember following all the manned flights leading up to Apollo 11 on television. I was a great science fiction fan from around the age of 10, too, and it all tied in.

Tomorrow I hope I can catch some coverage of the anniversary.

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