Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Bastille Day - Let Them Eat Tastykake

My dad was born on July 14, 1914. The July 14 birth date made it easy to remember Bastille Day in history class. Dad is no longer alive, but I've always wanted to go to a Bastille Day celebration.

The only I really want to go to is this: I visited the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia around 2000 and it was quite fascinating. It is a very historic prison located in a residental area of Philadelphia - now closed and crumbling, but has a lot of history associated with it. It is well worth a visit.

They even have an Alumni reunion every year.

For those not living in the Northeast, Tastykakes are snack cakes, something like Little Debbies. They are made in Philadelphia but you can buy them in NYC, and upstate like here.

The "Marie Antoinette" impersonator throws Tastykakes into the crowd before she is guillotined (not for real, of course).

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