Thursday, July 9, 2009

New York Heatwave on the Way-Maybe

Right now our stormy weather continues. I've almost forgotten what it is like to water my hanging baskets. Our zucchinis are on strike and our tomato plants have been struck by a killing fungus-I think we are going to be lucky to have any tomatoes this year. But on the flip side, we have very happy lettuce and beets.

But hot weather may finally be on the way. How do I know? Because yesterday I went to Eternal Sunset and looked at Fairbanks, Alaska - at 2am their time, it was 70 degrees. So this morning I looked at yesterday's statistics and they had a record high yesterday of 91.

Usually that means that in about 5 days we will have similar weather.
On the other's high was 69. Yikes.

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