Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Last Labor Day Weekend for Johnson City, NY?

The Labor Day weekend was always a good time for Johnson City, NY.  Johnson City Field Days (a carnival, proceeds to local organizations) with fireworks on Labor Day evening.

That was then and this is now.

This may be the last year Johnson City exists (or close to it, anyway).  Along with the "so and so for Mayor" signs sprouting in Johnson City is a move to dissolve Johnson City.  (Johnson City is a village, not a city, just for the record).  I don't live in Johnson City so I am not directly affected. Still, this is a step a lot of people are not taking lightly. 

It may well be too late for downtown Johnson City, which is (so sorry) blighted.  It may be too late for the village as a whole.  The glory days of Endicott-Johnson (old enough to remember their shoes?  If not, remember Father and Son?) are long gone.  We won't know until November if the dissolution will be voted through or not.

So this will be a bittersweet Labor Day weekend for the perhaps-soon-to-be-extinct Village of Johnson City.

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