Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Laughing with Your Teen

Sometimes older teens take a break from their lives and have a conversation with you that makes you...well, read on.

This all started with an email from a friend containing photos of people shot at Wal-Mart...ranging from mighty strange to industrial strength weird.  To put it mildly.

In my son's job, he has seen this kind of thing, so we looked at the email together and had a good laugh.  He asked me to send the email to him.  And then he started asking me if I had seen some videos.  So off to You Tube we went 

At the end of the conversation I had a good insight into things happening and websites I never knew about.

Don't worry, son, I won't embarrass you by posting my finds on Facebook.  (no promises re my blog, though!)

As an anthropology major, this fascinates me.  We are certainly more than one culture here, in our house.  There is the baby boomer culture and the culture of ""Gen Next".  There is the culture of parents set in their ways and the young man who sometimes (no, more than sometimes) wants to tweak us just to see what will come of it.  Sometimes, it results a good argument.  Today, it was us uniting for a few minutes on the Internet to enjoy a few good laughs.

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