Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Last Sunset and What we take for granted

I wasn't able to catch the last sunset in Svalbard, Norway but it's official:   Weather Underground shows daylength:  0 hrs 0 minutes.

Going to the webcam I frequent this morning, I find the residents are quite up and about on their snowmobiles in the arctic dusk, savoring their last few days of light.  It's about 12:20 pm there, I believe.  Overcast.

They don't take for granted that the sun rises every day.  Perhaps we further south shouldn't either.  For example, take fall.   In fall, green is stripped away and leaves show their "true colors". We go crazy admiring the leaves.   But what if the leaves were that color every day from May through October.   Then, would anyone care?  Or would we just ignore it as we do the rising and setting sun here in upstate NY?

There's an obvious lesson here about appreciating what is all around you.  Like health, friends, mobility and even our own self-awareness.

And that is about as philosophical as I like to get.

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