Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NYC has the Rockefeller Center Tree-We have Books Books Books

The Penguin Putnam booksale (a classic event every November in our area) is in progress.  Two more days, if memory serves.

I, of course, waited until I was able to get there, before announcing to the world.

Imagine DK, Readers Digest books, childrens series (Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Bobbsey Twins), Taste of Home cookbooks, art kits, stuffed animals, hard and soft cover best sellers (yes, true best sellers) and more, at 90% or more off.  This is a must for day care centers, for kindergartens, for people with a lot of grandchildren, and for book lovers of all ages.

The books are imperfect but with a lot of them you would find it hard to see what the problem was.

What you do need for this sale is a lot of patience.  Patience on the traffic jam, patience navigating very crowded aisles, patience waiting for checkout.  One year, when I went on a Saturday (bad mistake unless you are a hardy bargain hunter), I waited 2 hours to check out.

Be sure you have a strong back, or bring a rolling suitcase.

I know people travel to this sale from Albany (3 hrs away) and even further.

It's a holiday tradition.

So what does that say about Binghamton? 
Happy  Holidays!

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