Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Boulevard of Broken Trees

We are 40 miles north of NYC today, and experiencing a nor'easter.  The house where we are staying has lost power twice already.  There are downed trees everywhere, both from last month's snowstorm and today's windstorm.  On the Taconic Parkway there are a lot of old historic stone fences - a lot of them have damage from last month's storm.

After the power went off this morning, we went to McDonald's for breakfast.  Just as we were finishing up there, the power went off.  Everyone laughed-obviously it isn't a rare occurrence down here.

Where we live, we escaped last month's snowstorm but down here, the tree services will have job security for a long time.  I have not seen anything quite like it in many many years.

Today we are having lots of wind and rain.  We had to drive to a party in Yonkers and on the way home there was a traffic tieup on the Sprain Brook Parkway due to a tree that had come down, blocking the leftmost of 3 northbound lanes.  Fortunately it appeared no one was hurt-but in the past people have been killed on this parkway from falling trees.

We saw signs that the nearby Sawmill Parkway entrances were closed due to flooding, and I don't think it will be long before the Bronx River Parkway and the Sprain Brook are closed down, too.

I hope the power stays on tonight and we don't have any trees that fall down here.

We sometimes call Binghamton "Borington"...and on days like this, we can be grateful for Borington's boring weather.

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