Monday, March 22, 2010

Lake Norman

Part of the joy of traveling is finding things you never knew existed.

Traveling in North Carolina, right before we crossed over the border into South Carolina, we found a gorgeous man made lake called Lake Norman.

Based on what was around it I think a lot of well off people found it first.  A lot of condos, golf courses, and fancy boats lined the lake.

Still, I would like to go back one day to check it out further.  I don't know that the 3rd week of March would be the best time.  Yesterday it probably was near 80 degrees but today it was raining and a cold front has now come through.  Not exactly boating weather.  Still, when we came through today the flowering trees were in bloom, and I saw a lot of people walking around enjoying the morning before the rains came.

Lake Norman will join my list of lakes I hope to return to one day.  Another one is Lake Powell, a story for another day.....

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