Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life Changes-I am Thinking of getting a Mac!

I have no idea why I have been researching netbooks for a good two weeks and still have not purchased.  There is something in me that just does not want to push that "buy" button.  Could be because the netbooks I've seen in stores seem so poorly made...and I don't have the money to purchase a $400 "doorstop" loaded with crapware from a company who won't give me good customer service?

Yet, I wanted something light, with good battery life, which wouldn't overheat.  I want to take it on the road to blog, to manage my photos, and to...dare I mention it?  play FarmVille.

I was amazed when a cousin's husband mentioned to me the possibility of a Mac fitting the bill.  I have used Macs in my life a total of two times.  But I have several people in my life who absolutely swear by them.

Their cost has always put me off.

But guess what...I may just do it.

Unfortunately there is no Apple Store here but I may be in a place later this month that does have one.

Stay tuned.

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