Saturday, May 8, 2010

This Years "Fun in Gardening Experiments"

Successes:  Last year I blogged about purchasing a cardamon plant.  I put it in my office, and it has thrived.  And thrived. I could repot it and it would get 10 feet tall if I let it.  I can't, so I have let it fill up the pot.  Now I have to think about what to do next.

A small impatien plant I purchased didn't do well in the office and got spindly, but it has been blooming all winter on my windowsill.

Failures:  I managed to knock off the last dendrobium orchard plant I had from previous years; all I have left now is the one I bought at an orchard show recently.  I am going to try "weighing" the plants to know when to water (I suspect I overwatered, and they won't forgive that).

So, onto this year.

Two weeks I purchased a new petunia called Supertunia "Pretty Much Picasso". These have pink flowers with an edging of green.  I'm a sucker for bicolored flowers and variegated foliage.  This one is going in one of the few sunny places I can put a hanging basket.

Too bad about my love for variegated foliage.  Plants with such foliage have disappointed me at times for their lack of vigor.

Today, at a local gardening center I bought the following:

A variegated petunia called Purple Frost.  I can't find anything on the Internet about this, so it is an absolute gamble.  Variegated foliage, so I expect it won't be as vigorous as other "wave" type petunias.  Pink flowers.

Miniature Hisbiscus (Anisodontea x hypomandarum) "ht 3ft." "Dark Salmon pink flowers mid-spring thru fall".
This will be an outside plant, to die with the frost.

And, finally, a Strawflower called "Dreamtime".  
I have never grown strawflowers, amazing as I dabbled years and years ago in drying flowers.  Maybe I will try to find the time to do that (drying) again.

With the nasty weather forecast I won't be able to make up the pots like I had planned to, but I'll have something to do after work this week.  Or next.

Easy to make a gardenin' mama happy.

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