Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heritage Farming on FarmVille

For all my complaints against FarmVille (and I can't complain - it is tree after all, unless you WANT to pay for it) I will say that FarmVille is paying a lot more attention to heritage farming issues lately.

Here are some nice recent touches:

1.  Adding the opportunity to run farmstead wineries, "spas" and bakeries, using goods you grow on your farm to make products.  You then sell products to your neighbors, and some of your goods can also be "sold" in return for fuel.  I understand a "pig pen" feature will be added in the near future, where pigs can be fed from the bushels of certain crops the FarmVille farmer grows.  That will be interesting to see. 

2.  More and more "heritage animals" and unusual breeds:  Scots Grey chickens (I never owned them in my years of chicken ownership but they are an old time breed, similar in looks to Barred Rocks (which I have owned), and date from about the 16th century), Boer Goats (this website is a hoot)-and I understand more are to come-and many more.  When you get one, go online and read about them.

3.  Crops:  besides the recent short term organic blueberries, there are purple podded peas and purple carrots.  Yes, I've grown both!  Many people don't realize that the original cultivated carrots were not orange.

Why should I care?  Because FarmVille is probably the closest that many Americans (and maybe others) will ever get to a true small farm.  Granted, true small farms don't have tiki bars, miniature Eiffel Towers and Tuscan Wedding Tents.  But what they do have is very hard working family oriented people who care about the food they grow.

Yes, FarmVille, way to go.  Keep up the good work-but not too fast, we don't want any more glitches.  Even if they are organic glitches.

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