Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OMG-My MIL is on Facebook

I hope I am as up to date when I am in my 80's.

Actually, I've been (along with some of her friends) encouraging my mother in law to get on Facebook for a while.  To me it is easier than email and it has wonderful photo sharing tools.  She had a lot of misgivings, although she is very social.  I couldn't blame her for some of her misgivings, especially about online safety.

But today, a niece from way out of town visited and - voila-she was on. She joined about 4 hours ago and already has 9 friends.  I hope this niece set her up for maximum privacy settings.

It was a pleasant surprise when I came home tonight and found the friend request.

Way to go. 

So far the friends are all younger relatives, ranging from their 60's to their 20's.  I hope she can make contact with "true" friends.  Wouldn't it be something?

Now (hee hee) if I can interest her in FarmVille.....

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