Friday, August 6, 2010

Spiedie Fest Weekend

So much going on today and this weekend, it would be impossible to list it all.

Let's give it a small try though.

The Spiedie Fest is right up at the top.  Everyone needs to go at least once in their life.  It started out as a festival to celebrate the Spiedie, a local food specialty. (I'll be booed out of existence but I will come clean and say that I am not a fan of spiedie sandwiches-I find them dry and almost inedible.) but the spiedies themselves-yum.

Then, partially thanks to local mover Ron Rogers the Spiediefest became just as much a hot air balloon rally.

Then, they added music.  And "meet and greets".  Now, it is one powerful festival.  I was hoping to go this year with an out of town friend but it wasn't meant to be.

Tonight is also First Friday.  If I go it will probably be to see a "Parrot Safari". 

Tomorrow?  Well, the Vestal library is having its annual book sale/farmers market/Iris sale.  There won't be any parking but we'll probably end up over there anyway.   After all, no Otsiningo Park market due to the Spiediefest (as far as I know.)

Maybe this year I won't try to buy more irises that I really don't need.  But they are so tempting.  Anyone want some of our spares?

The one "bummer" about this weekend is because of the closing of Otsiningo Park to non-Spiedie Fest events, we won't be able to access our community garden plots.  Those luscious tomatoes will have to wait.

Well, that's what I get for trying to write a post in an insomniac moment. zzzzz.  I'll leave this for now, and hopefully will report later on an interesting weekend.

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