Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Bar Bakery

Every October spouse and I like to go down to Bradford County, PA to stock up on the food of that area.  This is a "mixed" population, somewhat rural/small town, with a sprinkling of Amish. In other words, a rural gem.  I don't want to come off sounding like a "foodie" so I'll just say I like the kind of food that Bradford County produces.  I won't call it "artisan".  It was artisan before that word became so overused.

I believe I blogged about this area last year, but there have been some changes.

We normally have three stops, one of them being a local bakery in the small town of Stevensville.  This bakery started out several years ago initially run by an Eastern European couple, and featured bread with the most wonderful crust imaginable.   There were all kinds of cookies.  There were chickens in the yard by the bakery.  They sold homemade pirogies. 

Then one year we showed up and they were gone.  The helpful people at Dotti Lou meats (another stop) told us they had sold their recipes to a gentleman and we could go just a few feet down the road and find the new bakery.  It was a place called the Apple Tree bakery.  Sure enough, there the bread was.  The chickens and pirogies were gone but well....change happens.  We were thrilled to have the bread.  The cookies were there but...I can only say this kindly, they were not good.

Well, this time, the Apple Tree bakery had morphed into  A bar with a bakery.  The bar had no customers but after some confusion we did see where there was some bread for sale.  The cookies were gone.  I don't know about how long the bread is going to last though.  There were several signs, one talking about the fact that he was ceasing daily baking of bread due to slow weekday sales.  There were also several signs asking patrons to keep down the cursing and to be considerate of the Apple Tree's neighbors.  I wonder what type of clientele the bakery bar is attracting but he is trying to be a good neighbor.

We've eaten off two of the breads we bought so far and both were excellent.  But.....

I have a bad feeling this is the last we've seen of the Apple Tree bread.   Oh please tell me that I am wrong.

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