Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Stores of Dreams

There isn't much to say except my spouse is probably grateful that there are no book fairs like this in the area.  It's enough to make me want to hop the Auto Train and get right down to Florida.

So....why can't we have something like this here?  Or at least in Ithaca?  Ithaca, an  hour from here, already has one of the largest library book sales in the country.  It has Cornell University and Ithaca College.  It has the Book Barn in Dryden, an awesome used book venue I must admit I haven't been to in several years.  Why?  Well my long suffering spouse has lived with my used book collection for years - and going into this place would be like an addict visiting a crack house.

The Book Barn is in a semi-rural area near Dryden, NY (a suburb of Ithaca).  It's....well sort of a barn.  It's stuffed with books.  It's great, but.....

I have to tell you about an even better used book store, Haslam's Book Store in St. Petersburg, FL.  I am fortunate enough to have a relative in the area, and he treated us two years ago to a visit to Haslam's. What can I say except....big time crack house!  (Haslam's is actually both a new and used book store...and it would hold its place in a major city like New York.  No doubt in my mind.  One day I may even visit their Doom Level.)  Just thinking of the old and rare books.....

I went to their website after hearing about the 30th Annual Florida Antiquarian Book Fair, and saw where Randy Wayne White (author of the Doc Ford mystery series) was visiting the store later this month.  Gaaayyyhh, now I really am going to be itching for a visit to St. Petersburg.

I'm so sick of winter.  So sick.

Now I'll spend tonight dreaming of books.  And, Sanibel Island.  Sigh....

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