Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chirp Chirp Winter is Almost Over

No, the snow hasn't magically melted nor will it for a while longer.

But this morning February 13....I walked outside my door-and the birds were singing.


This is the first sign that winter is loosening its grasp on the Southern Tier of upstate NY.  The next step will be the sap rising in the trees. While traveling down Rt 17 this morning, I looked to see if that was the case but the tips of the trees along the road still were stark brown against the cloud sky.  No signs of the red glow in the treetops that signals the sap rising.

That won't come quite yet.  But it will.  March will bring the time of maple sugaring.  I just must be patient.

But one can dream.  Dream dream more ice, no more snow, no more fear of falling.  One day I'll go out and not only will the birds be singing, but the crocuses will be poking above the ground.

Still have about 8 inches of snow resting in our front yard. So no spring bulbs yet.  But soon.

Please, soon.

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