Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Charleston City Market

Forgive me if these blog entries seem a little disjointed.  Between my back and trying to learn to use a Mac (with its frustrating disappearing cursor every time something autosaves) this is quite the experience.

We've made (in the last 24 hours) 3 trips to the nearby  Charleston city market.  By now I am almost a pro at walking down the unbelievably narrow sidewalks.

I wish I had some pictures to show you, but you will have to use your imagination.

Imagine several very long covered buildings.  At the front of each, older black women weave sweetgrass baskets.  Inside, more older black women weaving baskets, plus what the owner of the B&B calls "trash to treasure".  It is a definite step up from a flea market, and....well, they sell everything from trinkets to genuine art.

One thing we purchased (in addition to a small sweetgrass basket-how could we not?) was a painted brick.  A Charleston tradition is something called "hurricane painting".  Every time a hurricane sweeps through and damages the city, the hurricane artists gather debris and paint on it, creating works of art.

This particular artist was painting on historic bricks, and the designs were wonderful. When I can, I will (if I have the time!) take a picture of this brick.   I think the brick came from Hurricane Hugo damage but I honestly do not remember.

We also got some local food, packaged for tourists, but that she-crab soup is so good, we wanted a mix so we could make it at home.  And, the bag is quite decorative too.

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