Friday, March 25, 2011

Charleston is Awesome....Except For This

Is it my imagination, or are the timeshare sellers getting more desperate?

The Florida landscape is full of information stands that...well, they have informational brochures, but once they get you over to their booth, you are suddenly being offered free tickets to various attractions "if only" you listen to a short presentation.

I didn't expect it in Charleston.

And I didn't expect one of these high pressure salesmen working in, of all places, a restaurant gift shop. He wasn't selling timeshares but some kind of travel website membership.  The premise was still the same, get free tickets in return for listening to a presentation.

We ran from that as fast as we could.  And oh by the way, restaurant (I won't name the guilty party but I should) you may be interested in knowing I would have bought more of your "stuff" because the price was right, but I didn't want that guy pestering me again.  So I didn't.

Before we caught on to these bogus visitors stands we had one of these hucksters literally pull us in from us walking past them on Meeting Street, a main street in downtown Charleston.

I wonder how many tourists get sucked into this.  Since we knew this scam from Florida, we sniffed it out quickly. But I bet not everyone does-obviously, or they wouldn't be there.  And, quite honestly, I didn't expect something like that.

So if you visit Charleston, beware!  (I know there are people who can withstand the sales pitches and take advantage of the tickets, but I don't feel like going through the aggrevation.)

(end of lecture.  And also end of my stay in Charleston.  Have so much to write about. and so little time....)

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