Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crack Willows

I haven't indulged my FarmVille obsession on this blog for a few months.  So, today I'd like to speak about drug-addicted, wait.  There really is such a thing as Crack Willows, one of FarmVille's latest introduction.

Recently, FarmVille has permitted us to operate farms in England (FarmVille English Countryside).  We travel to and from our English farms on a motorized dirigible...sort of a steampunk-like touch, perhaps.  A number of English-like items have been introduced, such as Dexter cows, Sebright chickens (I almost purchased one in real life, regret that I never did), Modern Game Hens and now....crack willows.

Crack willows are so named because of their tendency to have branches separate from the main tree with a distinct cracking sound.  Such branches will travel down rivers and then easily root out and take root sometimes miles from where they started.  They root so easily that in our country, they are considered invasive.  

They even form hybrids with native willows.

They are all over NY State and a number of other states.  They are European in origin but I guess I've seen them everywhere and not even known about them.

Until FarmVille, I never even heard of them.

So who says playing computer games isn't educational.  And seriously, invasive plants are a serious matter.  Who knows, perhaps FarmVille can help us become educated to some of them.

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