Monday, April 25, 2011

The Green and the Grey

The last couple of days. I got a break from the seemingly eternal winter-into-spring holding pattern we seem to be experiencing here in the southern tier of NY.  I was downstate, 40 miles north of NYC, and to my delight saw enkianthus, andromeda, forsythia (well we have forsythia blooming here too), plus the usual assortment of spring bulbs.  Magnolias were getting ready to pop.  There were also assorted flowering trees putting on a show.  I thought I even saw a weeping peach.

We heard spring peepers!   We saw the sun!

After a two day dose of green, we left, and after passing through Middletown, came back to the grey of the Catskills, which we must cross on the way home.  Fog, grey, drizzle.  At least, by the time we got home, it was close to 65 degrees.  There have been some rumbles of thunder tonight.  We are under a severe thunderstorm warning.

In a way, it's about time. (Hope I don't eat my words.)

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