Sunday, April 3, 2011

Leopold's Ice Cream

One week ago, I was walking the streets of 87 degree downtown Savannah, GA.  As a northerner sick of winter and desperate for spring, I wanted sunshine, but not that much heat.  Somewhat exhausted by the walking and the heat, my spouse and I ducked into an ice cream shop we had both heard about, and wanted to try.

We were treated to some of the best ice cream we have every had.  I don't say that lightly; I have been a fan of Ithaca's Purity Ice Cream for years, and have also enjoyed the products of the Cayuga Lake Creamery.  (As always, I have received no compensation for these types of endorsements).

Make room, upstate NY Ice Cream, I now have a new co-favorite.

Leopold's Ice Cream.

The present owner (Stratton Leopold), one of the sons of the founder, used to be a Hollywood producer and various one sheet movie posters decorate the store along with other movie memorabilia.  As the website also explains,

"Much of the décor is original including the original soda fountain, soda fountain cover, back bar, sundae holders, banana split boats, malted milk dispenser, etc., etc., are available and are still being used. Even the old Philco radio and the wooden, interior phone booth from the old store are being used."

This is part of the store interior (it was hard getting pictures, given the crowds and the narrowness of part of the store.)

And these are some of the movie posters.

I wish I could have transported the ice cream back to Binghamton.  Of course, it is all natural and artificial dyes are not used, according to the website.  (otherwise, would I be writing about it?)

We didn't purchase the Tutti-Frutti favored by Savannah's famed late singer and songwriter Johnny Mercer but the seasonal Guiness and Girl Scout Thin Mints (the founder of the Girl Scouts came from Savannah) were greatly enjoyed.  These were seasonal flavors.

Not long after we had the ice cream, the heavens opened and torrential rain and hail poured down on Savannah.  We left downtown earlier than we had planned, and headed for the Byrd Cookie Company....a tale for another day.

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