Sunday, April 10, 2011

More on Charleston Rice

It is amazing how our recent trip to the Low Country turned into a combination of enjoying the spring flowers and finding all sorts of local food to take home.  The other day, we turned to another burlap bag of local rice we brought home, Aromatic Brown Rice.

Spouse, our family cook, made a pilaf of it and declared the aroma was equal to that of basmati rice.  It cooked up nice and flavorful.  As we prefer whole grains in our diet, the fact that it was brown rice was a plus.

Now, rice pilaf (to the best of my knowledge) is not a staple of the Low Country.  The popular preparation for rice is Red Rice, which is basically rice cooked with bacon, tomatoes, onion, and pepper and some other ingredients.  However, I seem to have a problem with tomatoes at times, so we didn't try it that way.

We also bought a Charleston recipe book, and there is a Red Rice recipe in the book, so our next rice recipe should be out of that book.

I could write a month's worth of food posts related to the Low Country.  Some of the foods we enjoyed were flounder, she-crab soup, shrimp and grits (and salmon and grits-believe it or not, yummy).  Hush Puppies were popular, but were a bit on the sweet side.  Speaking of flounder, I didn't have the style most popular in Charleston - Crispy Flounder.  Crispy Flounder, as served in Charleston, is a whole flounder (minus the head), which is battered, scored, and fried.

Between dreaming of Charleston food and posting on the Civil War, I should be busy for a while.

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