Monday, May 9, 2011

The Binghamton Virtual Flowering Trees Festival

 Last year, I visited Macon, Georgia for their Cherry Blossom festival and blogged:  why can't we here in Binghamton have our own festival?  We need something to celebrate the end of winter.  Having a spring festival and having tourists visit wouldn't be too bad for our economy, either.

We have maple syrup festivals but it isn't the same.  Snow, many times, is still on the ground and the trees are still bare. (in fact, once maple trees start to bloom it's too late for syrup anyway.)

So, since we don't have an official festival to go to....I present the Binghamton Virtual Flowering Trees Festival Binghamton native Rod Serling used to say..."Submitted for your approval".  (Blatant self promotion disclaimer, this link is to a post I wrote when Binghamton celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first episode of The Twilight Zone.)

Some of these photos were taken on Friday and others Saturday.  These did come out a bit dark, and I apologize.

The first set of photos were taken near West Middle School in Binghamton - the "junior high" Rod Sterling attended.  There was a lacrosse practice in progress as we walked.

I like the second photo with the "doubling" of the flowering trees through the fence, as you see the trees continuing down a hill at a 90 degree angle to where I took the shot.

This is a flowering magnolia.  Alas, the showy blooms only last 3 or so days, around these parts.

Contrast in white and pink.

A Pieris (Lily of the Valley shrub, or Andromeda).

Finally, I hope someone out there can Name This Tree.  It has little "stacks" of very sweetly scented white flowers, and is blooming now.  Walking in some neighborhoods of Binghamton, the air is scented with these trees.  Again, wish there was a scent attachment for blogs. (well, maybe not.  I can't stand the scent of paperwhites, or Russian Olives.   But many people enjoy those scents.)

I hope you  have enjoyed the Binghamton Virtual Flowering Trees Festival.

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  1. The bottom tree is a Pieris Japonica, Flaming Silver, it's a type of lily of the valley shrub.


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