Monday, June 20, 2011

Cutler Botanic Garden

Hidden gems.  Sometimes, we go hundreds of miles to visit gardens, and ignore the ones in our midst.

I have a confession.  I have been negligent.

In Binghamton, there is a "hidden gem" of a garden, run by the Cornell Cooperative Service.  I have not been there in, oh, perhaps three years.  It's one of these places we pass a couple of times a week, on our way to somewhere else, and just never stop.

In fact, the last time we visited it was to take my mother in law (who lives 150 miles from here) to visit it.

Yesterday, as a Father's Day treat, my husband stopped.  I'll be posting some pictures later this week, but right now I just want to tell you a little about this garden.

It's free of charge, and over the years we've visited during various times of year.  We even visited 5 years ago, after a major flood.  Their master gardeners did a wonderful job of restoration.

When you enter, you pass a composting demonstration. My family member and his new garden (which I am negligent on reporting on but right now there's nothing to report) might enjoy visiting the display.   There are several theme gardens:  roses (which are in full bloom), a rock garden containing a lovely display of heathers, Shakespearean plants, a herb garden, a daylily garden and an AAS display garden.  

What was nice about the rose garden is that most of the plants were old fashioned varieties.  Each one had a nicer scent than the one before.  I don't get into growing roses but these could have changed my mind. Again, I could wish for blog-o-smell to bring that rose garden to you.

The daylily garden should be in full bloom in a couple of weeks, and we hope to return.

Hopefully, later this week I will do a post on local roses (a little delayed due to Falling Friday) and display a couple of pictures from the Cutler Garden.

I would not suggest going miles out your way to see this garden (it is a bit on the small side) but if you are ever in the vicinity of I-81 and are going through southern New York State, please stop and visit.  It will be well worth your time.  And the price - none - is right.

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  1. The gardens, though smallish, are lovely. And since it's located hard by I-81 highway, it's an easy on/easy off visit. I recommend stopping when you are in the area.


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