Friday, June 17, 2011

Falling Friday

I was going to blog about the fact that, if my parents were still alive, today would have been their 60th wedding anniversary.

But instead I am blogging about the sidewalks of Binghamton, NY.  I do not intend to make Falling Friday a regular feature.

My spouse and I were doing our 1/2 hour exercise walk on the West Side of Binghamton tonight.  Suddenly I tripped over an irregular sidewalk (there are a lot of those around here.)  I couldn't recover, and I fell on my face.  I came up spitting blood.

It could have been worse.  I split my lip, have a bruised hand and shoulder, but all my teeth seem intact, and nothing is broken.  So, this is not the end to a Friday that I had wanted.  Now I hope nothing gets infected.

I also ruined the face of my watch and gouged some of my glasses, which I will have to get fixed.

So I will keep this short. Tonight, a simple soft meal.  Tomorrow, I hope I feel better.

I still intend to do my "Civil War Sunday" but it may be a little simpler than I figured.  I was hoping to go to the Owego Strawberry Festival tomorrow but I think I am just going to take it easy.

And find a different place to walk.


  1. Ouch! Hope you rest tomorrow and feel better soon.

  2. Are you feeling in less pain today? So sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you DON'T make a regular feature. Ouch is right!


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